Why Guttershield’s G3 is the right investment when it comes to gutter protection

G3 Guttershield Mesh is a unique product that has additional heavy duty ribs (patented) along the length of its underside.

These ribs have 3 superior functions that place the G3 above all other Gutter protection products.

Rib function 1.


The function of these ribs is to create run off points to direct water flow into the gutters which reduces the risk of water sheeting.

This ensures that the maximum amount of water is directed into the gutter through the mesh.

The benefits to this design are:

  • Maximum water collection
  • Reduced maintenance due to increased flushing of silt and small leaf matter through the gutter system.

Rib function 2.


The Patented rib on the gutter edge functions as a securing device.It is locked between the angle trim and the rim of the gutter. This unique design ensures a secure attachment of the G3mesh to the gutter edge.

This is a key player in the systems durability and life span as it protects the mesh pulling away from the gutters edge due to unforseen forces being applied to the system.

Some examples of this are:

  • Tradesmen
  • Vermin and wildlife
  • Large branches
  • Thermal movement of roofing materials

Rib function 3.

The ribs running the length of the G3 mesh also act as reinforcing.

By reducing the risk of damage to the mesh, in unfortunate incidents like excessive stress due to:

  • Tradesmen
  • Vermin and wildlife
  • Large branches
  • Storms, etc.

The ribs also add to the overall strength of the entire system.

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