Guttershield for Commercial Properties

How we reduce costs and enhance value for commercial property owners

If you’re a commercial property owner or facilities manager, reducing your costs and improving asset value are likely to be your main priorities.

Guttershield is the perfect solution for reducing costs and protecting your building and contents from damage. Guttershield provides excellent return on investment by:

  • Lowering your maintenance and repair costs
  • Reducing safety risks*
  • Keeping your premises safe and operational in inclement weather
  • Increasing the lifespan of your asset

* In 2017-18, 5,643 Australians were injured after falling from a ladder, and every year an average of 4.5 Australians die from this hazard.

Benefits of Guttershield's mesh gutter guards for commercial properties

commercial premises

Reduce maintenance costs

Gutters need regular maintenance to keep them clean and in good condition. For commercial buildings, this often means heavy, specialised machinery which can be expensive and may impact operations. Guttershield G3 reduces the cost and need for expensive gutter maintenance for your commercial operation.

commercial premises

Reduce safety risks

Working at height is one of the leading causes of workplace injury - and death - in the country, and maintaining gutters poses a very real safety risk and hazard for your commercial site*. Installing Guttershield G3 will help you create a safer workplace and remove the risk of falls by eliminating the need to work at height to maintain gutters.

commercial premises

Protect against flood damage

Gutters clogged with leaves, birds’ nests and other debris can cause overflow during inclement weather, leading to flood damage to gutters and buildings’ walls, ceilings, flooring and fittings. Guttershield G3’s mesh gutter guard system will help avoid expensive repairs to your commercial building and from potential operational disruption from flood damage.

commercial premises

Increase water harvesting

Water harvesting is a great way to reduce costs and promote sustainability in your industry.  However the water can become contaminated by leaves, debris and pests. Not only does this reduce the quality of the water you’re harvesting, it increases costs as your water treatment systems need to work harder than they need to. Guttershield G3 will keep your gutters clear of leaves and improve the efficiency of your water treatment facilities.

commercial premises

Protect from bushfire damage

Bushfires pose a real and present risk in warmer months. Many commercial buildings are destroyed in bushfires because of debris and dry leaves that are susceptible to windborne embers. Gutters are a primary source of debris, and keeping the insides of your gutters clear from anything that could be ignited by embers is vital. Guttershield’s ember  mesh gutter guards will help protect your gutters and reduce the risk of damage to your building from flying embers.

commercial premises

Protect asset value

Your commercial building is a key capital asset, and protecting your investments is the number one priority for most businesses. Building maintenance costs are unavoidable, but gutter maintenance is. Guttershield G3 will protect the value of your building asset by expanding the lifespan of your gutter and guards, while reducing the need and cost of maintenance and repairs.

Guttershield is suitable for many types of commercial properties including:

Retail stores
Office blocks
Agricultural sheds

Educational premises
Government buildings
Hotels, motels, pubs
Transport shelters

Healthcare premises
Retirement villages
Caravan Park outbuildings

Why we believe that Guttershield is better than any other gutter protection product

Like anything you buy, there are cheap versions and there are premium versions. In the gutter protection industry, choosing the cheap version will cost you more money in the long run, not only due to inferior product design and construction, but also due to inexperienced installation and poor service. Guttershield is the number one choice in gutter protection products for commercial properties because of its superior design and the expertise of the Guttershield team, who will take the time to discuss your needs to ensure you receive the right products, preparation and professional installation.

  • See our Product page for pros and cons of various gutter protection products, details of the Guttershield technical specs, and our wide range of colours
  • See our About Us page to review our Purpose and Values, and meet the experienced team who will be looking after you.

Our process


Inspect your guttering and downpipes

Undertake full measure up


Provide a gutter protection plan and quote which includes:

  • product specifications
  • installation schedule
  • safety plan
  • guarantee


Book in installation time to minimise disruption to your operations


Erect scaffolding and safety rails (if required)

Remove debris from roof and gutters

Install Guttershield and perform final clean