Why You Need Gutter Leaf Protection Systems in Brisbane

Why You Need Gutter Leaf Protection Systems in Brisbane

Gutter leaf protection systems are a much-needed part of the Brisbane living experience. During the storm season, a clogged or full downpipe can mean long term damage and cost for your household. Being prepared and ensuring a clean, clear route for rainwater to drain, means that you will have one less stress when a heavy storm blows through. 

The typical Aussie summer brings plenty of downpours and storms, it isn’t uncommon to find heaps of leaves blowing from trees and across roofs. Getting caught up in every little nook and cranny, the cosy channels along your house seem to attract them like flies. Having blockages around your space can lead to several bad situations. From easy fixes to big dramas, ensuring these are free-flowing is a favour you should do yourself and your home before the storm season hits.

No Blockage Like Home

Blocked gutters restrict the movement of water and can cause damp issues in your ceiling at a minimum or flooding the roof cavity in more neglected gutters. Leaves and debris that have blown onto the roof are mashed together to make a calm, inviting home for many insects and pests; especially when trapped in the canals around your roof. From nesting spiders to mosquitoes breeding happily, these damp, protected areas are ideal for many of the creatures you won’t want nearby. While maintaining your clog-prone areas should be a regular task, many forget or just don’t have the time to do it. Finding a reliable over-the-gutter fix is an excellent way to stop these build-ups, instead of making sure the water is separated and the leaves carried over to the ground.

Risky Living 

Trapped bundles of dry leaves are also a risky fire hazard when hitting hot days. Regular cleaning is all too often forgotten, leaving room for accidents to happen. Especially concerning when living near points prone to bushfires, a stray ember or spark could mean chaos for you. Cleaning these areas of your home in bushfire season is one of the most important actions you can take to protect your property.  We recommend the extra precaution of our fire rated gutter guard if you live in an at-risk area.

Even if you’re not in a bushfire prone area if gutters are left blocked for a long time in stormy weather, damp matter will rot and create areas of mould, which can be detrimental to your health as well as the safety and stability of your house. Then there is always the potential slipping hazard overflowing water can create. Let’s face it – a packed, gushing drainage system is not something you want to deal with, in any weather.

She Won’t Be Right

When water collects and sits, the weight of the system itself increases gradually over time. As these tubes are only attached to the roof by screws and thin bits of cladding, there is only so much strain they can take before they buckle under pressure. This will mean a rush of water and shift in weight that can cause damage to objects or areas around it. Not to mention it could damage the facade of your home. Having a system in place that allows for the water to flow freely ensures the long life of your drainage systems and minimal maintenance work for you. Leaving problems like these to the wayside is a sure fire way to run into headaches down the road.

The best way to ensure that nothing can get caught up in the pipes is to cover them with a high-grade gutter guard mesh such as our G3 guttershield mesh that allows water to flow while keeping larger objects out of the way. As a long-term installation with little needed upkeep, guards, or leaf protection is an effective alternative to regular manual cleaning. Taking away the need for a potentially risky annual trip up the ladder and letting you rest easy knowing that you are protected from the storms, and debris they bring. 

Having a guard or mesh in place may seem simple enough. This reliable solution not only allows for the free drainage of water away from the roof, but also ensures that any heavier debris is carried over to a more manageable space. However, this is where the question of quality must come into play – always check the reviews. A cheaper cover will breakdown over time and in fact cause more blockage, trapping the leaves and debris in patches rather than letting it wash cleanly away. It may even be prone to clogged holes or allow for too little water to filter down. Buying a high quality, tried and tested product is a must, to ensure that this is the cost-effective, effort-saving solution you were told it would be. 

Gutter leaf protection systems are trusted solutions to guard your home from the summer storms. Ensuring you have the best quality items from Guttershield Queensland is one way to guarantee you won’t deal with breaks and blockages along the way.

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