Sick to death of cleaning your gutters, or paying someone to do it?

All you want is clean, free flowing gutters that never overflow, drain perfectly and need minimal maintenance.

We promise that your gutters will be free of leaves and debris every day

with Guttershield - the ultimate gutter protection system

  • Our quality mesh protects your gutters so they stay clean and 99% debris free.
  • Our patented design allows more rain into the gutter and your tanks.
  • Added bonus - our unique design means that in heavy rains you’ll not encounter waterfalls from water-sheeting, like you see with lesser gutter protection products.

Why choose Guttershield Qld?

Not only is it important that you protect your property with the best gutter protection that money can buy; you also want to ensure you receive great customer service from an experienced team who really care.


Free Inspection

We’ll pop over and inspect your gutters to ensure they’re in good shape, take all the measurements and provide a detailed “no surprises” quote.


Amazing Service

From the moment you contact us, we’ll make sure you’re looked after promptly and courteously, always.


Trained Fitters

Our team of qualified fitters will clean your gutters, then fit your mesh expertly and neatly so it functions perfectly.


Rock Solid Warranty

We provide a 12 month money back guarantee on our workmanship, and 10 year product replacement warranty.

Products to suit any location

Click the buttons below to find out how it works, view the product specs and see images of Guttershield at work in various locations.

What our customers think

“We were that impressed we had Shane come out to put Guttershield on my Mums new Granny Flat we built two years after we had our house done. I recommend doing research for yourself but if you want quality and longevity buy once, buy well and go with Guttershield.

Talwyn and Jane Davies


“Living next to a forest we were always cleaning leaves from the gutters. Guttershield provided protection and no more climbing ladders.

Thanks Shane for providing prompt and friendly service. We are very happy with the results.”

Peter and Robyn Parkinson

Frequently asked questions about our products and services

Yes, our gutter guards are incredibly effective at protecting your gutters from the damage that can be caused over time by dirt build-up, debris and leaves.

Guttershield will significantly reduce how often you need to clean your gutters, as only very fine particles of dust and other matter can get through our patented mesh.

Gutter transformations