Gutter Protection Products

When it comes to gutter protection – there are several types of products available. Here’s an overview of what’s available, and why we only sell and install the Guttershield  products in Queensland.

The purpose of gutter protection products

The purpose of all gutter protection products is to separate water from debris and allow the gutters to effectively do their job – ie: ensure waters flow off the roof into the downpipes, cleanly and swiftly.

Common types of gutter protection products

sponge filters

Sponge filters

A polyurethane sponge that is inserted into your gutter. The idea is that water flows through the porous sponge material, whilst most debris cannot.

The problem is that the sponge is not usually a perfect fit, so small amounts of debris lay stagnant in the gutter. Leaves and pine needles get stuck in it, and moss loves to grow in it. You may need to remove and unclog it every months, and replace it every few years.

brush filters

Brush filters

A wire brush that you insert into your gutters. While typically inexpensive, this solution is also very porous, allowing small and medium sized debris to collect in your gutter. Leaves, pine needles, seedlings and small clumps of moss stick to it, and in a heavy downpour the guttering waterfalls over the edge.

You can also see it from ground level, which adds an unattractive look as the black bristles pop out of your gutters.


Metal screens

Screen-based gutter guards slot in underneath your shingle, tile or the edge of your iron, and clip on top of your gutter. They offer medium protection but small debris can get through and seeds can get in and sprout in your gutter.  Debris doesn't easily blow off, and builds up.

If you’re in an area prone to high winds and storms, extra installation precautions may be necessary to protect the system from blowing off.

commercial premises

Micro mesh

Micro mesh comes in three formats.

  1. A roll, which home owners cut and install themselves. As it is lightweight, it often collapses under the weight of lots of damp matter.
  2. A sturdier micromesh guard that sits flat, but collects debris. The angled version has a tendency to cause water sheeting over the edge instead of into the gutter.
  3. Guttershield G3 –a patented design that eliminates the problems that can occur with other gutter protection products.

Why Guttershield G3 Premium mesh is the ultimate gutter protection system

The BIG difference between Guttershield G3 and any other gutter mesh product on the market is the unique (patented) heavy duty ribs underneath. They stop the issues that are common to other gutter protection products and provide three outstanding benefits.

Stop water sheeting

rib function

The ribs create run off points to direct water flow into the gutters which reduces the risk of water sheeting.

This ensures that the maximum amount of water is directed into the gutter through the mesh. No more waterfalls in heavy rains.

The benefits of this design include:

  • Maximum water collection
  • Reduced maintenance due to increased flushing of silt and small leaf matter through the gutter system.

Enable secure key locking

rib function

The patented rib on the gutter edge functions as a securing device. It is locked between the angle trim and the rim of the gutter. This unique design ensures a secure attachment of the G3 mesh to the gutter edge.

This is a key player in the system’s durability and life span as it protects the mesh pulling away from the gutters edge due to forces such as:

  • Trades people
  • Vermin and wildlife
  • Large branches
  • Thermal movement of roofing materials

Provide superior strength

rib function

The ribs running the length of the G3 mesh also act as reinforcing and add to the overall strength of the entire system.

This reduces the risk of damage to the mesh under periods of excessive stress caused by:

  • Storms and high winds
  • Large branches
  • Vermin and wildlife
  • Trades people

Guttershield products

Guttershield G3 premium polymesh


Exceptional benefits

Blocks leaves & debris

Prevents pest birds/vermin

Maximises water collection

Reduces maintenance and costs

Extends life of gutters

Provides bushfire protection

Professional installation

10 year warranty

25 year estimated lifespan

Premium woven ember guard mesh


Available in a range of colours to match your guttering or roof


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