Bushfire Protection For Your Gutter System

Gutter system bushfire protection

Australia is known for its unpredictable and catastrophic bushfire season. While it might be easy to assume that bushfires aren’t a threat to your home, you would be surprised at the speed a bushfire can spread, especially during an ember attack.

What is an ember attack?

An ember attack is when embers and other burning matter, such as leaves, moss, and bark fragments, become airborne and travel to different locations, spreading the fire. Ember attacks are the primary cause of spot fires, which continue the spread of bushfires and can also present a danger of the fire travelling into built-up areas and causing significant property damage.

How you can protect your property against an ember attack

When you don’t clean your gutters regularly, you will experience a build-up of dry materials like leaves and debris. Dry leaves clogging up your gutter system presents the perfect kindling to catch fire during an ember attack. Once a spot fire catches in your gutters, it can quickly spread inside your home via gaps between your gutters, roof and fascia.

How can Guttershield help?

Guttershields fire-rated gutter guards have been developed with various features to help protect your home against an ember attack or bushfire.

  • Comprised of premium woven ember guard aluminium mesh is designed to stop burning embers from igniting dry leaf matter and debris.
  • Our aluminium mesh and expanded aluminium mesh products are non-combustible, giving you peace of mind during the stressful fire season.

Learn more about gutter guards

Guttershield has two bushfire protection gutter guard productsPremium Woven Ember Guard Aluminium Mesh and Expanded Aluminium Mesh, with the following features:

  • Coated with premium AkzoNobel InterponDidio
  • Fire compliant with Australian standard AS3959-2009
  • 20-year warranty

Available colours

While safety is always the priority, our products are also available in a range of contemporary colours to blend in with your property’s roof colour.

Premium Woven Ember Guard Aluminium Mesh Expanded Aluminium Mesh
ale eucalyptusBasalt
Shale greyNight sky
JasperPale eucalyptus
Woodland greySurfmist
MonumentManor red
Deep ocean
Cottage green
Shale grey
Jasper woodland grey

What else can you do?

Have a plan

The most important consideration of your bushfire plan is ‘will you leave early’ or ‘will you stay’ and take the appropriate precautions. Make a plan and stick to it.

Know your risk

It’s essential to understand your risk factor in advance and consider the following:

  • You don’t have to live in the bush to be threatened by bushfires
  • Learn the history – does your local area have a history of bushfires
  • Do you have trees and shrubs within 20 metres of your home?
  • Do you live along the coast near scrub?
  • Do you live on a farm or near paddocks?

If you’re located in a rural or built-up area prone to bushfires, you must protect your home and have a bushfire plan. Please visit the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services for more information on ensuring you have an adequate bushfire plan for your location.

We recommend you begin implementing your fire season preparation plan ASAP, by protecting your gutters with Guttershield and also download the Bushfire Safety Guide for more tips.

Protect your property with Guttershield now

Guttershield QLD can help you protect your home against ember attacks with our fire rated premium woven gutter guards. Get a free inspection and quote now and ensure your property is protected this summer.