Solarshield Bird-Proofing

How to keep your solar panels working efficiently

If you've taken the initiative to reduce energy costs and lessen your carbon footprint with solar panels, you will probably find that birds love to nest beneath them. And while it might not seem like a big deal initially, it will cause damage to your panels, and create other problems in the long term.

Problems caused by birds nesting under solar panels

Unsightly and unsanitary

Unsightly and unsanitary

Birds create messy nests that quickly become an eyesore, compromising the aesthetic appeal of your property. Even worse, the nests are breeding grounds for bacteria and germs, making them unsanitary, and health hazards.

Attracting other pests

Other pests are attracted

Bird nests can attract other pests like insects and rodents, creating a full-blown infestation that can quickly spiral out of control. This can cause damage to your property and health risks for you and your family.

Damage to panels

Panels are damaged

Bird droppings can corrode the surface of solar panels, reducing their efficiency and potentially causing premature failure. Having to replace the entire solar panel system could lead to significant financial losses.

How do you stop birds nesting under your panels?

By installing Solarshield bird-proofing mesh.  This highly effective system will prevent these issues and ensure that your investment in renewable energy is well-protected.  Once installed correctly, you'll notice a big difference.

What you'll gain once Solarshield bird-proofing mesh is installed

Improved rnergy production

Improved energy production

Bird-proofing your solar panels ensures that birds cannot nest underneath them. Keeping your panels clear of bird debris and damage allows your solar panel system to generate more energy, leading to lower energy bills and greater cost savings.

Reduced maintenance costs

Reduced maintenance costs

Bird nests can obstruct and damage your solar panels, leading to costly cleaning or repairs. In the worst-case scenario, you might need to replace the entire solar panel system. With the Solarshield bird-proofing mesh, you can avoid these expenses and protect your investment.

Humane and environment friendly

Humane and environment friendly

Solarshield bird-proofing is a humane, eco-friendly solution that doesn't harm birds or the environment. Compared to netting or spikes that can harm birds and other wildlife, choosing this method protects your solar panels and demonstrates your commitment to responsible environmental stewardship.

Why you should choose Solarshield bird-proofing mesh

In the marketplace you have a choice between cheap and premium versions when it comes to bird-proofing your solar panels. Choosing a low-priced solution may cost you more in the long run due to subpar product quality, shoddy installation and poor customer service.

Solarshield is the first choice for bird-proofing solar panels on commercial and residential properties in Australia. It is specifically designed to provide superior quality and durability. Our team of experts will ensure you receive the right advice and a professional installation service, with a full guarantee on our workmanship and 5 year warranty.

Trust us to keep your solar panels safe from birds and in top condition for years to come with Solarshield.

Our fast and efficient process


Inspect your solar panel system using satellite imagery

Undertake full measure up


Provide a solar panel protection plan & quote

Book installation time to minimise disruption


Erect scaffolding and safety rails (if required)

Remove nests and clean under solar panels

Install Solarshield and perform final clean

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can. We offer a DIY kit and will provide you with all the information you need. However, we do prefer our highly experienced fitters do it for you to make sure that your solar panels are debris and nest free, and that the Solarshield mesh is installed correctly.