Guttershield for residences

How we give you back your weekends and save you a lot of money

We’re yet to meet a home-owner or tenant who enjoys cleaning out gutters – month after month, year after year. And this can be a weekly chore during Queensland storm seasons. But not clearing them out regularly can have awful consequences.

The consequences of not having Guttershield gutter mesh installed

gutter issues


  • Gutters clog up with leaves and debris every single day and if they’re not cleaned out regularly, this breaks down into compost.
  • The compost can sprout weeds, even small trees.
  • The downpipes clog up with leaves and water has nowhere to go.
  • Bird nests can block up gutters with their twigs / sticks and this can be a real fire hazard if there are embers in the air.
gutter damage


  • The damp causes rot and holes in your guttering and timbers
  • Rotted areas provide access for pests, birds, snakes and possums into your ceiling space.
  • During downpours your guttering becomes a waterfall as the water can’t escape into your downpipes.
  • Acidic bird droppings can also affect the coating of your roof
  • Trapped water can serve as a breeding ground for pests like mosquitoes and other insects


  • You need to spend time cleaning your gutters regularly, or pay someone to do it.
  • You could easily be injured and incur financial and health costs*
  • Without regular clearing, the guttering will deteriorate and need replacing.
  • Gutter build up can cause water to flow under the roof into the ceiling space and incur expensive repairs.
  • If you have water tanks, they won’t be filling up if the water can’t flow into the pipes, so you may end up having to buy water.

*5643 Australians were injured after falling from a ladder in 2017-18. On average 4.5 Australians, mainly men, die each year after falling from a ladder. Most men injured or killed after falling from a ladder were at or nearing retirement age, and were doing maintenance around the home.

Life after Guttershield gutter mesh is installed


Issues - Decisions

  • Deciding what to do with all your free time
  • Deciding how to spend the money you’ll save
no damages

Damages - None

  • Leaves, debris and birds can’t get through the Guttershield G3 gutter mesh.
  • Water runs freely into your downpipes so there’s no damp buildup or water pooling.
no costs

Costs - None

  • You won’t be paying anyone to clean your gutters ever again.
  • You won’t need to replace your guttering or downpipes every few years.
  • You won’t be at risk of falling off your ladder.

Why we believe that Guttershield is better than any other gutter protection product

Like anything you buy – there are cheap and premium versions. In the gutter protection industry, choosing cheap will cost you more money in the long run, not only due to inferior product design and construction, but also due to inexperienced installation and poor service.

  • See our Product page for pros and cons of various gutter protection products, details of the Guttershield G3 technical specs, and the wide range of colours
  • See our About Us page to review our Purpose and Values, and meet the experienced team who will be looking after you.

“It's a rare thing these days to find an employee with the amount of product knowledge, personality and manners that you have, Congratulations. The product that you represent 'Guttershield' is as you said a great product and one that I would recommend without hesitation to anybody thinking of installing some form of gutter protection. You not only went out of your way to have our installation completed before the Christmas break but the installation itself was perfect and the product has already proved itself during a couple of storms that we had in January. Apart from being a Kiwi and an All Black supporter like myself, it was a pleasure to meet you and to do business with you and Guttershield.”

Tony and Marcelle Salvage

Types of roofs suitable for Guttershield

tiled roof
  • Ceramic tile roofs

  • Terracotta tile roofs

  • Concrete tile roofs

metal roof
  • Metal corrugated and mini corrugated roofs

  • Five or nine rib metal roofs

  • Craft metal roofs

Frequently asked questions about Guttershield for residences

Guttershield G3 mesh has a patented ribbed design which prevents water sheeting, unlike any other product on the market it forces the water into your gutters while keeping out leaf litter and debris.