BushFire Gutter Protection for Queensland Properties

fire guards for gutters

If you live in a rural area, or even a built up one that is prone to bushfires, it’s important to know the Australian building standards and state bushfire guidelines for buildings in bushfire-prone areas. One particularly important part of this is understanding the critical importance of bushfire gutter protection, to reduce risk of ember attack.

What is ember attack?

The most common threat to your home in a bushfire is ember attack, which is when embers and burning material like leaves, twigs and bark are carried by bushfire generated wind, and settle on or around your property. A build up of dry leaves and debris in your gutters are fuel for airborne fire embers, and gaps between your gutters, roof, fascia, windows and doors can also lead to embers entering the house.

Protecting your home and outbuildings from ember attacks is something that must be front of mind when living in a bushfire area. The solution is to remove dry leaves and debris in your gutters and valleys, and install fire guards on your guttersand valleys to prevent ember entry into your roof cavity via gaps. The solution is optional for new and existing builds, but if installed, must be compliant with the Australian building standards.

Australian standards for Queensland bushfire areas

fire risk from embers

The Australian Standard for the Construction of Buildings in Bushfire Prone Areas(AS3959-2009) was adopted by the Queensland government, in conjunction with the Bushfire Attack Level (BAL). BAL is a ratings system for measuring how vulnerable a home is to fire based on risk of ember attack, direct flame contact, or radiant heat.

The Queensland government also released bushfire guidelines in 2020 to provide a coordinated state-wide building practice to ensure bushfire resilience. Science has shown that embers smaller than 2mm pose less threat to igniting the combustible dry material that can build-up in your gutters, and that the use of fire guards for gutters – fine metal mesh placed over your home’s gutters - is effective for preventing ember entry and the fire risk to your home.

Bushfire gutter protection products


Guttershield Qld’s premium woven ember guard aluminium mesh is fully fire compliant

Bushfire gutter guards are critical in bushfire areas, and knowing you’ve chosen a product that’s fully compliant with the Queensland government’s bushfire resilience requirements as well as the Australian standards for bushfire areas is important.

Our Premium Woven Ember Guard Aluminium Mesh product is fully fire compliant to the Australian Standard AS3959-2009, featuring 2mm x 2mm aperture for ember risk prevention. Our premium product comes in a range of contemporary colours and with a 20-year product warranty. Our team of qualified and experienced fitters have the knowledge and expertise needed to give you the peace of mind that your home is protected. Contact us today for a free inspection and to find out more about how our fire guards for gutters can protect your home in a bushfire prone area.

Resources: the illustration and other detailed information on Qld Fire standards is available in the QRA Bushfire Guidelines