Why You Shouldn’t Avoid Gutter Cleaning

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Cleaning your gutters can be one of those jobs you might forget until it’s too late. While it’s a tedious and challenging chore, the repercussions of avoiding gutter cleaning can be costly. Here are the top problems you can expect if your gutters aren’t clean.

Damage to your home

One of the most common and costly outcomes of not regularly cleaning your gutters is structural damage to your home and your roof. Not cleaning your gutters leads to water damage, as blockages prevent gutters from doing their job. When rainwater can’t pass through, water can pool and damage your home’s roof, fascia, exterior paint, and foundations. It only takes a small amount of water to create a large problem.

Mould and mildew

Warm, dark and damp environments are the ideal breeding ground for mould. Blocked gutters can cause stagnant water and debris to become mould quickly and spread inside your home via the roof cavity.

Mould can cause serious health risks when it becomes airborne. Breathing in mould spores can increase asthma symptoms, allergies and sinus and respiratory issues.

Unwanted visitors

A clogged gutter can look like the perfect home for unwanted visitors such as birds, mice, rats and possums. The foliage lodged in your gutters provides nutrient-dense food that attracts pests. If the rotting debris weakens the roof or home structure, they can move into your home’s roof cavity and become even more challenging to remove, especially if they begin travelling inside your walls.

Unpleasant odour

Cluttered gutters can make your beautiful home look run down and unkempt. Worse than looking unsightly, decomposing leaf matter causes an unpleasant odour. If left untreated, the mouldy smell could be detected from under the eaves or inside your home.

Void your insurance policy

Damage to your home caused by blocked gutters can result in your insurance company not covering the cost of repairs deemed to be a result of neglecting to maintain your property. If your insurance does cover damage caused by blocked gutters, a claim will cause your premium to go up for an issue that could easily be avoided.


Destroy your garden

If you have pride in your lawns and garden and spend time nurturing your landscape only to find the plants below your eaves aren’t thriving, blocked gutters may be the issue. When rainwater can’t move through your gutters due to blockages, the water will flow over the edge of your gutters. While this might sound harmless, the volume of water hitting the lawns or garden below, particularly during a fierce storm, could cause waterlogging and rot plant root rot.

How to avoid gutter cleaning, and have clean gutters all year round

The ramifications of avoiding gutter cleaning are significant. You should clean your gutters between two and four times a year, and a lot more frequently in windy and stormy weather.

The answer is a simple and powerful option, where you don’t have to clean your gutters at all and at the same time completely avoid the undesirable problems outlined above.

The Guttershield G3 gutter protection system will keep your gutters funnelling water efficiently for years and years, by preventing blockages in the first place. We advise having a high-quality gutter guard to protect your house.

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